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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Breann's Spelling Bee

Well...on February 10th Breann was in a (county) Spelling Bee. She represented her grade for her school and she did rather well. She did get a little nervous when spelling cashier and spelled it incorrectly...but...her dad and I explained to her that it was just an honor that she got to be a contestant of the Spelling Bee...she has did so well with spelling that she made it to there and she seems to be okay with the point of she tried her best (which she really did...she studied...and studied...and studied some more) and to us she is the true winner...all of those kids that competed really are...they each represented the grade that they are in from their school and only one out of a grade got to compete for each school so...pretty smart kiddos if you ask me!



  1. I agree!!! What an honor just to be in the spelling BEE.. I never got that far.. I was a horrid speller..LOL LOL.. and now..years after reading so much.. I still can't spell super great!!!
    She has a great gift!!

  2. i was never much of a i always admire kids who can spell and get to a spelling bee! that's awesome!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!! it's nice to meet you! :O)

  3. What a cute little girl. She really should be proud about participating in the spelling bee. I'm sure it took a lot of hard work to get there. (Congrats to momma and daddy too.)

    Twitter @sweetbabboo

  4. Go Breann! My oldest is also a good speller...I have to ask her how to spell sometimes! HA

  5. Being part of the spelling bee is indeed a great honor. All the hard work she put into it makes her a winner.

  6. Hi! Congrats! I am so horrible at spelling, the "easy" words get to me after a while! I need spell check on everything!

    A blogger friend of mine sent out blog awards so I included you in mine. Stop in sometime and check it out!