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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kids Projects and Such...

First of all, Friday, my husband and I picked up our kids from school...and...
Our Son: Here you go Mommy (reaching me a pink crown ring with Snow White on it)
Me: Thank you, Bubby, where'd you get this?
Our Son: I gave Sissy one too. We had a birthday party at school today and I got two cup cakes.
Then...Breann showed me a project she made at school...
Then...this morning...I was getting ready to get in the vehicle to take the kids to school.
Breann: Mommy, come around and look at my door.
I got out of the vehicle to see what was on the outside of her door and found this...
Her message to me...her hand print and "I Love You Mom!"
What a great way to start my day!
I just love my kids!!


  1. Don't the smallest things from your child bring the biggest smiles? Makes me all gushy

  2. Thanks for your visit today. Your words were wonderful to hear regarding your mom. it is a great testimony to God and prayer.

    I miss mom so, but am feeling the re-connection as I am now the parent to 2 little boys. The love is different but so many times feels the same.

    I consider it a blessing to have read your words on my blog today!

    Thanks, new friend!

    .mac :)

  3. Those are sweet gestures! It's amazing how small actions from people we love can mean so much.

  4. I am becoming a follower!!!Thank you for your sweet comments today on my blog-

  5. AWE! What a totally sweet way to start your Friday! I'm loving the princess ring!

    Hope you've had a wonderful week!