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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Geocaching Adventures!!

Justin, the kids, and I have all found a new hobby that we really are enjoying. Geocaching is kinda' like a real live treasure hunt where you type in the zip code you wish to explore and you will be given clues as to where to find the next treasure.

How did we get into this hobby you may ask?

Well...Justin was at work one day and they were working around a cemetery and nearby was the first cache...he found the website address on the cache so we looked it up to see what geocaching was all about.

And we have been hooked ever since!

Plus, as of the date of this posting, you can look over on the side of almost any page on my site and it will tell you how many geocaches we have found as well as hid to date and also will provide a link in which you can click to read our geocaching stories.

Pretty cool, eh? :)


  1. Jessica, if you are a member of Geocache, look me up. My name is sassypantz.


  2. Glad to meet a fellow Geocacher. Isn't it great. We love it. It is a great way to get out doors with your family. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy Caching.