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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Breann's Ninth Birthday!


Can you believe it?!? We celebrated Breann's ninth birthday this past weekend. She is already nine!

My oldest child has taught me SO MANY things throughout the years. My motherhood experience all began with her and I am grateful to have both of my children and I also feel blessed that I am the one that they call "Mom". I couldn't ask for a better daughter. Motherhood has taught me so many things and although I may not be perfect at this whole mommy thing...I love it! Through experience, love for my family, and God's many, many blessings I have discovered the true meaning of family and life.

Through Breann's nine years, I certainly have learned that I am not the most perfect mother...there was (and still is) a lot of learning to be done, but I want her to always know that I have tried my best at what I do. For example, when Breann broke her wrist (right before we went to Disney)...she fell off of the monkey bars at school and I was so scared...I put on a brave front for my little girl, but I was scared...I didn't know how to take care of her broken arm and had to learn that and didn't even like seeing them have to wheel her into the operating room so they could put her to sleep and set her arm back in place. Her grandparents were there and her dad was on his way, but when my dad asked Breann who she wanted to go back in pre-op with her (as only one person could go) she said she wanted me. I hope she continues to feel (and to know) that I will always be here for her...for as long as I live.

Breann has become one of my best friends. It is odd how when you think a child is too young to understand, they actually "get it" more than you do-that is my Breann. Just like I was there with her broken wrist incident, she has been there for me in my tough times too. Such as...the time we had to stay in the ICU waiting room while my Mom was in ICU on the ventilator and we didn't know what was going to happen with that. I stayed most of the days and nights while my Mom was in the hospital...and my husband and kids never once complained. As a matter of fact, while my husband and son were sleeping in the waiting room's recliner at night, me and my daughter were on a VERY small couch (length wise as well as narrow wise). Certainly not a five-star type of sleeping arrangment, but my kids proved patient, and while I was unsure of how the situation would turn out, I had faith, and Breann was drawing cards for her Mamaw, even though her Mamaw stayed the same for nine days...not awake and not even breathing on her own...Breann kept that hope with me. And...our faith in Christ proved true as my Mom made it through that ordeal and now has Breann's card.

And, there hasn't always been sad times, there has been more good times than not. Like...the first time her dad and I discovered her saying her bedtime prayer by herself...nobody told her to pray and she never asked how to pray...she just did I said, some people sit and study on the right way to even pray...not Breann, she just talked to God without putting any thought into it...and once again, something else you can learn from a child. Other good times...some of the big things such as when we went to see Disney on Ice and then the many vacations we've taken. I've also been blessed enough to share her winning the school's talent show for her grade (she was so happy she cried) and her singing in front of over 300 people at her Aunt Krista's wedding reception, but most importantly I've been there to see her singing in Church (which she continues to do). I've been able to see her graduate from Kindergarten with the top points in her Accelerated Reader program, so she was the only one in her class recognized and it was for that accomplishment (even in 3rd grade she can read at a 5th and 6th grade level). I am happy to say I have even shared more than just the extravagant moments but also the more simple of things such as doing our nails together, and even the time my kids locked me out of the house while it was raining (yes, that is even a good memory)!

Anyhow...I guess what I am trying to say is that I have been blessed nine years thusfar to be able to call Breann my daughter and I couldn't be more proud of her. Like I said, I haven't always been the perfect mother nor she the perfect daughter...I've made my mistakes and she has too...but what counts is that she is the perfect daughter for me and we share the ups as well as the downs together.

I love my daughter, my best friend!

More photos of Breann's Birthday party are in the Members Area!

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  1. Awwwww she is just adorable!!! Happy Birthday Breann!!!♥