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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prayers for Haiti

It is sometimes hard to believe how life can change in what seems like an instant.  I am sure that is probably what some in Haiti are thinking at this point.  There are people who are left homeless, injured, and even dead from the terrible earthquake that hit.  It is amazing how others have stepped up to help those in need out and Haiti is definitely in my prayers!!

My husband and I was just talking last night how there are also others who are in need as well.  Sometimes it can be pushed to the back of our minds whenever a terrible event such as what happened in Haiti gets so much publicity.  I think it is great that everyone is stepping up to help Haiti, but there are those who are hungry and homeless in our own areas as well and we must also keep them in our prayers.  However we choose to help those in need, we must remember to give as much as possible as God loves a cheerful giver.

May God bless ALL of the hungry, the homeless, and the needy for whatever situation they may be in that has caused them to have a result such as this.


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