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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hide and Seek is Especially FUN...

in the DARK!  :)

Last night, Justin, the kids, and me decided to do about eight or so rounds of the game Hide-and-Seek, but with our own twists...we put our headlights on, turned off the lights, and were in the dark.  The only person with a light on, upon the time to find us, was the person doing the seeking. 

It was especially fun, and we will be doing this outside in the Summer time.  :)

Here is a photo of us just as we ended our game...silly faces, and all!!  :)


More photos are, of course, in the Members Area!

Isn't this what pictures are really all about?!?  Life truly captured in the moment!!:)


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  2. Wonderful, it's great to have such a sweet time for family. I love that.

    I read about your upcoming anniversary in the spring. Shawn and I will be having our 10 year anniversary on May 13th!!! We hope to do something special as well, we always try to. I love that we have that in common.

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