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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fair Day Number One!!

breclimbingwallsitepicWell...yesterday marked the first day of this year's county fair.  We went and watched a bit of the horse show, a bit of the wrestling, a bit of the truck pull, went to the petting farm (where there were these teeny tiny little goats), and even went and had some snacks...nachos and ribbon fries (the ribbon fries are THE greatest).

troyclimbingwallsitepicOh!  And...the kids tried their hand at climbing the wall.  They each had three tries...Troy thought it was a bit spooky and Breann made it to the top of two of the three. 

All in all, I think all of us had a super-de-duper time!

We have season passes so more to come today (as Breann is in the western beauty pageant) and tonight for whatever we decide to do then at the fair!

More Photos are in the Members Area!

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