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Monday, October 18, 2010

Breann's Mathathon

My daughter's class has just started up a Mathathon for the students in her grade to raise money to go to St. Judes.  The goal for their grade is a minimum of $1000.00 and (to tell you the truth Breann's goal at first was set to $500.00...she is REALLY motivated, but I told her lets take baby steps and have faith, work hard, but lets set our goal small to start with so...)Breann's individual minimum goal is currently set to $60.00.  What a great cause for us to give for!!  For those of you interested, you don't have to send anything directly to us.  Instead, to sponsor this (with whatever amount you can give a one time gift and help my daughter reach her goal by clicking on the button below the label "Breann's Mathathon" on the sidebar here at Jessica's Lil will then be taken directly to the page made up for the Mathathon fundraising program to where you give your donation directly to them for St. Jude.  You then can give whatever amount you wish, support a great cause, and help my daughter reach her goal!  No matter how much you give...whether its a couple of bucks or a couple is very much appreciated and every little bit helps.  Truth be told, she is able to track her progress online...and I would love for her to be able to reach her goal (either the $60.00 or even a couple hundred or if its God's will the $500.00 goal), but we need help from others for that to happen!  We will make an update every few days and let you all know how much she has raised with a post right here at Jessica's Lil Corner as well.

I think my daughter said it all on the way home from school this afternoon.  She said, Mommy my teacher said what is being done may not mean a lot to a lot of people, but it means a lot to that person who is at St. Judes.  She then continued to say over dinner...I got to thinking...a lot of those kids are not at their kitchen table eating dinner tonight.  I really want to help them!

Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and your support in whatever way you can offer it!!  Whether you do your part through prayer, financially, or both...God knows who you are and what you are doing...and may you be blessed for it!!  :0)


  1. It sounds like you are definitely raising your daughter right. How sweet!

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