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Monday, October 18, 2010

Breann's Tenth Birthday!

img6953wWOW!  Ten already!!  It just amazes me how fast she is growing up. 

It seems just yesterday they were laying this little bundle of joy upon my belly telling me that I now have a little girl.  She is now in the 4th grade and making super grades in school but even bigger than that she is the person she is becoming via the character she has and represents...she is loving and caring and has this big heart about her!!  Justin and I couldn't be more proud of our daughter...she makes good grades, plays sports, reading is one of her favorite passtimes (her name is one of the top two on the Accelerated Reader list in her whole school and she is motivated to keep it at the top), singing is something she enjoys a lot (and even sang at the county fair this year, but even more than that she uses her voice for God).  I guess my point is...I knew that Justin and I would have super kids, and we really do...Breann and Troy both are the greatest kids we could ever ask for...we are very blessed, but I just didn't know that we could be THIS blessed!!  I guess that is just something you have to experience to believe.  I thank God for both of my kids and I feel very blessed to call Troy my son and Breann my daughter!

Anyhow, a little over a week ago was Breann's tenth birthday and it turned out wonderful!  Friends and family attended the party (and my parents even got to watch the party via webcam as they weren't physically able to come to the party as mom just got out of the hospital that day).  It was great that everyone who was able to attend could attend and Breann (as well as the other kids) thought it was super that they could actually be seen on someone else's computer screen a little over a hour away from here while the party was happening.

Breann wanted a Bratz party as she discovered they were created on her birthday, which she thought was just super cool so her wish was our command!

The Invitation...


The Decorations...

img6946n img6930n img6935e

Party Time!



And...I LOVE this photo...notice her little hand up to her mouth (although I think she kinda' knew or maybe was hoping...she was SO surprised...she wanted the Beauty and the Beast movie so much as that is currently her favorite movie of all time)!! And...

img6969h  img6970

Thanks to everyone for a super-de-duper time!!
Happy tenth baby girl!!

1 comment:

  1. Happy 10th Birthday Breann! Children that follow the savior are truly a joy and a treasure!