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Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Already?!?

WOW...I can not believe I am saying this but it is nearly 2011! 

As it is New Years Eve and New Years Day is approaching I thought that I would share a bit of what has happened the past year in one post!

1. Okay, first lets cover 2010...did you make any New Years Resolutions and did you succeed at accomplishing your goals? I was REALLY motivated to get my Associates Degree in Education and I DID IT!!

I also said I was going to make a book of some sort for my blog posts and photos and I did it...its in ebook form and can be placed on a CD and printed.  It will be made available to family and friends will also have the option of getting an ebook.

2. Any firsts for 2010 (something you had never did prior to this year)? I was REALLY motivated to get my Associates Degree in Education and I DID IT!! I am the first one in my immediate family to graduate from college so I really am happy with this achievement!! My family has did a lot of things and we've each succeeded at different things and I am happy to say I have my degree!!

3. Did you learn anything that you can really use throughout life in 2010? I guess my degree can always be used on my resume.

4. Do you believe you helped someone else in some way (no matter how great or small) this year? I hope that I helped forty-seven kids through the Christmas drive. 

5. Plans for New Year's Eve/New Year's Day? I'll be spending New Year's Eve with my husband and our kids, at home and we will be having snacks and relaxing I guess.

6. Did you lose anyone in 2010? I am blessed to say we have not really attended any funerals this year.

7. What would you like to accomplish in 2011 that you haven't thusfar? I would like to record more videos of the kids and make them available in my site's Members Area for family and friends and for us to watch as we wish later on down the road.

8. What is something from 2010 you will always remember? Breann was in her first beauty pageant (and she got second place), Troy and his dad going hunting together so many times this year and the joy it brought them, our trips to Charlottesville with my Mom, more of our house projects being worked on, me getting my degree.

9. What was the greatest (funnest) thing you did all year? We went to the beach with friends.  We also got week long passes to the fair which was nice...busy, but nice.

10. The worst? My mom feeling bad and her being hospitalized once this year.

11.  What was something great that you succeeded at in 2010?  My degree and helping forty-seven kids to have gifts on Christmas.

12. What was your biggest failure this year (2010)?  In a way, it would have to be me having to resign from a job I had outside of the home as an Administrative Assistant...but then again I did this for the right reasons and therefore I think this failure actually turned into a success.

13. Were you sick any this year? I had a HUGE cough a couple of weeks ago, but I am better now.

14. What was the best thing you bought?  My husband bought me a new laptop and he got me some jewelry.

15. Where did most of your budget go? Bills.

16. What was your favourite TV show? Hmmm....I don't husband and I have been watching re-runs of Sanford and Son a lot lately.  I remember watching that show when I was a kid!!

17. Have you made any new friends in 2010?  We've met new people, but no new friends.  We do have new neighbors though, they seem like nice people, but I don't know them that well yet.

18. What was the best book you've read all year?  I have read a lot this year.  Probably Between Sundays by Karen Kingsbury.

19. What was your favorite movie that you watched this year?  I liked Dear John.

20. How did you spend your birthday? My family and friends threw a cookout for me.

21. How did you spend New Years Eve last year? Justin had to work a big part of it, but we got to sit around and have snacks some too.

22. How did you spend Memorial Day? We took and placed flowers on relatives graves.

23. How did you spend the 4th of July? We went to the local fireworks show.

24. How did you spend Halloween? We went to a Halloween party one of our friends threw and also went to a celebration at a Church with some other friends.

25. How did you spend Thanksgiving?  I made dinner and we had Thanksgiving here.  Me, Justin, the kids, Justin's sister Gina and her family and Justin's Dad and his girlfriend came.

26. How did you spend Christmas?  We visited my family on Christmas morning.  Christmas Eve, Justin's mom came over.  Christmas Day afternoon/evening Justin's Dad and his girlfriend and my husband's sister and her family came over.  We also had another celebration with Justin's Mom and his brother and sisters and their families later after Christmas as Justin's sister came in after Christmas as she lives out of state and that is what worked best for everybody.

A week or two before Christmas we had a get together here for friends as well and had finger foods and exchanged was nice!

27. What was your favorite passtimes?  Reading, blogging, web desiging, watching movies, and of course serving God and spending time with family and friends!!

28. Who did you miss this year?  I always miss my Granny!

29. Who was the best new person you met?  I really don't know.

30. Any advice from experiences you learned from in 2010?  Figure out what you want in life and go after it with God leading you along the way...and live your life to the fullest, just make sure you have God in it!!

Happy New Year!!


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