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Thursday, December 2, 2010

From Blogging to Bible Study!

From Blogging to Bible StudyWelcome to Our Wonderland and Jessica's Lil Corner have decided to begin a Bible Study in the blogging world in order to keep our noses where they belong (in our Bibles) and to even possibly increase followers to our blogs (while we study). Here is how it will work. Beginning the first week of January (Monday, January 3rd to be exact)....

Each week on Monday by 12Noon EST there will be a Bible Study Challenge posted up for all who are interested to study the same scriptures, lessons, etc. You will have one week each week (from Monday to the following Sunday) to study whatever is posted up on the challenge, so you busy people out there have a bit of time during the week to sit and really dive in and study at your convenience. Once you feel like you have did your part for the weekly challenge head over to your blog and post up in regards to that weeks study material (we may have questions or we may just simply ask your thoughts) then head back over to Welcome to Our Wonderland or Jessica's Lil Corner and post your link in the linky area letting others know you are participating. Be sure to include the button in your blog posts linking it to this blogging Bible Study challenge and that way others can know they are invited as well and be sure to post your link in the linky so that others will know you are participating for that will need to do this each week!!

Although not required we do ask that you also visit others who have posted their links up in the linky as well so that we all can comment on each others thoughts, etc. And...while you are at it, why not follow your new Bible Buddies as you visit their blogs and read their posts for that weeks Bible Challenge.

We also will choose one person per week to highlight their study material.

This is a great way to study the Bible and increase our followers!

Remember to keep it clean and don't post naughty comments. We are going to be studying from The Bible and while all of our goals are the same, please respect that some peoples beliefs, thoughts, and points of view may be different from yours...if anyone is caught posting naughty posts or comments or being disrespectful of others your link will be removed and you will not be allowed to participate in this hop.

So...basically to keep things simple:

1. Head over to Welcome to Our Wonderland or Jessica's Lil Corner sometime during the week (beginning January 3rd) and get that Bible Study challenge for the week.

2. Study then post your thoughts, questions, etc. on your blog (be sure to include the button for the Bible Study challenge inviting others).

3. Head back over to Welcome to Our Wonderland or Jessica's Lil Corner and post your link in the linky EACH week you participate to let others know you are participating in that weeks challenge.

4. Visit whatever blogs you choose that are participating and post nice and respectful comments to the posts that interest you. And...if you are interested support your blogging Bible Buddies with a follow!

5. Come back the next week for a new challenge!

Thanks SO MUCH and have a blessed week!

Want to go ahead and start letting your friends know about this challenge? Grab any of the graphics that we have posted here below! A post would even be appreciated for those interested!! :0)

From Blogging to Bible Study

From Blogging to Bible Study

And a smaller version...From Blogging to Bible Study

Plan to join us in our studies? Let us know!


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