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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Meet Frosty and His Little Baby Frostella!

snowman1Well...we have been getting quite a bit of snow this Winter and the kids have SO wanted to go outside and play in it warmed up just a little bit today (well...not really warm...but compared to what it has been) and Justin and I went outside to have some fun with the kids!  Between snowball fights and building snowmen...we all had a blast...even our two dogs had fun!!  LOL  I think some of us are even tired, because as I type this, Breann is in there on the couch asleep and the dogs are in their beds napping as well.  LOL Frosty
snowman2 Frosty and Frostella (which Breann says is our snowman Frosty's baby)...


Originally, there was just Frosty and then Breann decided to make him a little baby and name her Frostella.  LOL

Here is the creation of the snowman and snowgirl!!

Then...among our other will notice Breann trying to hug the snowman (which we named Frosty) and Justin behind him trying to throw a snowball at me...but Frosty blocked it with his left hand and Justin ended up breaking Frosty's arm so Justin had to make him another arm.  :p


Then...Bo (our American Bulldog) kept trying to get my gloves (which I put on Frosty).  LOL

Then...Troy got mad because Frosty's mouth (which was made out of gravels) kept falling off....

But he quickly cheered up and started playing snowball fights with his dad again!  And...we all had fun with other things as well...snowball fights...Troy's bike ride, our dogs Maisy and Bo playing in the snow, etc.

img7255 img7251z

Then...we all came inside and the kids had some hot chocolate.

Oh...and look...

The kids footprints...


My snow covered boot...


And even more unusual (than my footprint) is what my husband says is a rabbit's footprint...there are rabbits all over hopping around in the woods, I know, but  I just thought it was great I got a picture of this in the snow!!  Pretty cool, eh?!?


It was a good, snowy day!

More Photos are in the Members Area


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