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Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Gatlinburg Trip!!

gatlinburgstuffA few weeks ago I post about my husband and I planning our anniversary getaway...and...we ended up going to Gatlinburg this past week during our vacation.  It was a very nice trip!  We had a lot of fun and the kids had a nice time with their Nanny!

We went up in the Space Needle, went and played putt putt golf (where it was glow in the dark and was mostly an outerspace theme and was SUPER cool), went to the Titanic (which was very neat), did some shopping, and rode the go-carts.  It was a nice, fun, and relaxing getaway!!

I also have to say that I absolutely LOVED the surprise hanging on our door when me and my husband returned...our kids made us a "Welcome Home" sign and hung it up on the door. adorable babies!!

More Photos are in the Members Area

1 comment:

  1. My husband and I love going to Gatlinburg and have been thinking about another trip there. Your post is encouraging to do so. I am glad you had a great time.