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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Work and Fun!

TheatreSince I am currently working forty hours per week in training for my new job, I have been pretty busy, but I am loving this busy life!!  I love being able to work at home, I love having a career, and most of all I am loving that I can be Mom first and foremost before I am a work at home mom!!  There has been very little to change with our family's schedule (since I have evening hours), I make dinner before I start work and my husband warms it up for the kids when he gets home from his job and then he may eat a salad or something until my lunch break and we have dinner together.  I also have two breaks (not including my lunch) so I have even more time to spend with the all of the hours before worktime.  Scheduling can be very important, but I think we have worked it out to where the current schedule is working pretty well for us!!

With work...there is A LOT to learn, A LOT that is interesting, and A LOT that is so very neat!  I feel very blessed!!

The kids are having a great summer, from going to the pool to things like Vacation Bible School.  Last weekend we also took them to see Cars 2 and then a nearby theatre was putting on a play Beauty and the Beast (which is Breann's absolute favorite) so we went and saw the play.  It was a pretty neat weekend!  Last night we went out to eat at a local steakhouse and then went for coffee for me and my husband and ice cream for the kids.  I love spending time with my family, they are such a blessing to me!!

It's all good!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS JESSICA! May God continue to bless you & your family.

  2. That's awesome Jessica! I wish I could find a work at home job too. I'm so tired of never being available for my kids. At least my husband is home quite often, but it's not the same.