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Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 Gathering!

momashandbresitepicThis year was a Thanksgiving filled with happiness, blessings, and sorrow all at the same time.  As I have posted about numerous times this year, my dad passed away in August, so it was our first Thanksgiving without him so there was a lot of sorrow that still filled this Thanksgiving.  I missed his yearly tradition of saying the blessing at my parents table, his smiling face, and his voice and laughter.  On the other hand, I felt incredibly blessed with the memories I have of him and the family I have as each and everyone is a blessing.  My family brings me happiness and God has blessed me in so many ways.

On Thanksgiving Justin, me and the kids were all off from work and school, we began the day with watching the Thanksgiving parade on TV while having coffee and hot chocolate, then went to Cracker Barrel to spend the early part of the evening with my mom, brother and his wife and kids.

We then went over to my husband's mom's and spent the rest of the evening with his mom, sisters and their husbands and kids. 

Where I got a video of all of the kids (minus Bryce, seeing as how he is only two months old) dancing. Its in the Members Area, so if you have access, be sure to take a look...very cute!

It was a great evening and a blessed Thanksgiving!

More photos and a video are in the Members Area!


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