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Monday, November 26, 2012

Mine and Justin's First Hunting Trip!

huntingsitepicSo...the other day, Justin and I went hunting for awhile...while we didn't kill Bambi, this was a hunting experience neither of us will forget! Let's start at the beginning!

While I had my camo and boots on, I also had my red and white striped,...warm and fuzzy socks (they were hidden by my boots, and they bring me comfort)!

We was then getting ready to leave to go hunting, and the conversation went something like this:

Me: "We have a lot to carry want me to get my 'Thirty-One' (multicolored and polka dotted) bag to carry this in?"

Justin: *chin nearly to the floor* "No, I have my camo backpack. You're not carrying no 'Thirty-One' bag through the woods."

Me: "Oh okay, just thought I'd offer."

We then pull in at the spot we're hunting at and he then sprays us both down with dirt smelling stuff!!

We then walked some distance, up a steep hill (that I was thinking all along I would be rolling back down). I think Justin kinda thought the same thing because he was rather encouraging me not to carry my camera, when I asked...why, he said, "what if ya fall?" LOL Well determined not to fall and to prove a point, I hung my camera around my neck...and I slid a few times, but never fell!!

The outcome of our trip: we saw some squirrels, and I got the picture I have included in this post! We also had our one of a kind hunting trip! :)

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