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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our Little Corner 2012

ourlittlecorner2012graphicI am so excited to have this e-book, Our Little Corner 2012, finished!  We had many things happen in 2012, many memories were made, many blessings, many happy times, many sad times, and I am happy that this e-book has a lot of those stories in it!

From holidays to other fun and memorable moments, I am happy to have many photos and stories included in this e-book.  This year there were many firsts (the kids' first elephant ride, our first trip as a family to a local Corn Maze, etc.)  There were also many special moments and memories that were made that I am just so happy to have included in this e-book.

These e-books have, in a way, become a digital form of a scrapbook for me and I am happy to have each of them on CD and in digital format.  I am also happy to share these with many of our family and friends.  I'm really thinking that these will also be something that our kids will want to keep as they get older as well, so that they can look back on the memories we've created together!
ourlittlecorner2012graphic8 ourlittlecorner2012graphic2 ourlittlecorner2012graphic3 ourlittlecorner2012graphic4 ourlittlecorner2012graphic6 ourlittlecorner2012graphic5


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