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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Breann's Sixth Grade Awards

2013-06-04 15.32.06 Breann received many awards for her Sixth grade year, including: Principal's Award, Presidential Physical Fitness Award, an award for passing History, Math, and Reading SOLs, and an award for earning the most A.R. points in her class.

Breann has did many things during her Sixth grade year, such as going to the state History Day competition (where we also got to go to Busch Gardens during that trip).  She also won the "Coal Fair" award, where she wrote an essay. While she was awarded for this, she also got recognized by the school board. Breann's homeroom teacher, Mrs. Debbie, has been a great teacher and Breann has really enjoyed being a part of her class.  Breann has learned many great things this year and it's hard to believe that her Sixth grade year is almost finished!

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