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Monday, July 1, 2013

Our New Property

oldschoolhousesitepicWe recently bought a piece of property that has an old school house on it.  The property belonged to a lady that is 88 years old and even went to school at this old school house.  I am truly touched by how much history this property many memories the property has helped develop, how many lives it has touched...through memories being created by the families that have crossed its path, the education that the students who went to school here received, and the friendships that were even possibly formed.  The old lady who sold us the place even told us her mom even taught at this school house once upon a time.  I am touched by this property beyond words can even explain!

Anyhow...after we signed the papers for this property, Justin, the kids, and I went exploring on the property...after all, it is just over 17 acres, so there is a lot to yet be here are a few photos I got (I absolutely love the photos of the kids at the old school house)! I also have photos of Breann and Troy at the barn the 88 year old lady we bought our property from used to own. This as well as her old house is across the road from our property.
More Photos are in the Members Area!


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