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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Two Years!

Today I feel blessed! I have been working at the place I work for two years today. It's sometimes a difficult and stressful job, but it is a job I really enjoy (most days). Being able to work at home is even a greater blessing. I'm able to be here for my family while earning an income! This job also helps me to feel that I have a career that has a's something to where I can and do help people on a daily basis with my work. I've had people call me in tears and others tell me I've made their day so much better with what I do. I'm not boasting. I give all the glory to God with and in everything I do. I am just saying it's so important not to let life pass us by. We are here for the Lord's our work, our family, our friendships. It's so important that everyone not be just a watcher or one who receives but one who also actually gives and lives this life that God gives us with purpose...not just sit and watch or sit and do nothing...if everyone did that then this world would nearly stop...there'd probably be no food, no work, no power, no phone, no dreams turned into reality...not much of anything, if anything! Life can be filled with purpose if we let it...but we have to be people who do and not just watch. Everyone has a purpose of some kind! My work is ONE of those purposes, although there are many more...I have a purpose with my family and friends and in my community! Everybody has their own purpose...I hope to always seek the Lord with mine and do what is right! I have a thankful heart!


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