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Sunday, October 27, 2013

A GREAT Fall Weekend!

20131025_123135_1This weekend has been a great Fall/Autumn weekend. Friday it snowed (just a little), there was a chill in the air, coffee was great, I got to bring out my sweaters (happiness in itself), my husband and I had Mexican food during the weekend, and our family had all kinds of Halloween festivities and celebrated one of our best friends daughter's birthday! So...Fall/Autumn Happiness (and a blessed weekend)...that's what this post is about...with random topics on our weekend (along with some photos)!

So...the Fall colors are all nice and crisp at the new property/old school house...beautiful time of the year, and I just had to get some pictures of it! :-)

I also got quite a few pictures of the Halloween party/one of our best friends daughter's birthday party that we went to as well! :)

Some of the photos are below...







More Photos are in the Members Area!


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