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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Old School House, Forever a Part of Our History!


This past weekend we worked on tearing down the old school house at our new property. As I helped my husband, I thought of all of the memories that were made at this place, afterall, the school house was at least or around 100 years old. I told Justin that when I met him nearly 16 years ago, if he had told me then that we would be buying a school house together in our lifetime, I would've found it hard to husband sure does take me on some adventures, and I wouldn't have it any other way!
I'm happy to say my husband and I are the owners of this old school house, such a great thing. Our family picture was the last photo taken in front of the building while it was still standing, and how great to be involved in at least some of the history of the place!  What great memories and stories so many must have of this! Bittersweet time on tearing this building down. It was no longer a good and functioning building when we bought it, but I'm happy some of the wood from it will be in our new place! :)
Below (and/or in the Members Area), you will find photos of:
  • A photo of the school house while teachers were working there and students were attending school there (the photo even has them in it)!  This just shows some of how many families and individuals has, what is now our place, as a part of their history.  Justin and I've had many people approach us telling us someone they knew went to school there (usually one of their family members).  Actually, while we were working on the property a couple of months ago, a few ladies stopped by to take a photo of the building before we tore it down, they said that one of their family members (I think it was their Grandfather) went to school there.  So much history!  :)

    Also in the below photos (and/or in the Members Area) we have included:
  • Our family photo in front of the old school house before we completely tore it down (the last family photo ever taken in front of the building).  So happy to be a part of this building's history!
  •  The work we've started on cleaning up from the old school house (this will most likely, after all, be our house seat).

More Photos are in the Members Area!


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