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Monday, February 10, 2014

How I Live Today WILL Matter to Me Tomorrow!


That's something to think about!  Yes, it's true, how I live today WILL matter to me tomorrow!  A lot of people say things like "live for today" or "the Lord keeps no record of sin, so it doesn't matter what you did yesterday," or "don't let yesterday or tomorrow rob you of today's joys," or even "why worry about yesterday or tomorrow, live for today."  I agree with all of that!  I find that I worry far less now than I used to.  I'm also finding that as I get older I appreciate time!  So, if I agree with all of those sayings then you may wonder why I am saying "how I live today WILL matter to me tomorrow."  Maybe you even are thinking I am being hard on myself, when it's actually the opposite!  Let me explain...

I've come to realize in this fast paced world filled with too tight of schedules for some, overflowing to-do lists for others, and in the time of the "here and now" where everything needs to be done almost as soon as the task is assigned that we sometimes can tend to forget what's important.  Think about it!  Years ago there was no such thing as the internet, no such thing as e-mail, and what was filling up a mom's schedule was things to do more with her family and things at home rather than her list at the office.  Today we rarely hear of "snail mail," and maybe that's why some think of it as such (it's too slow of a method to get something to someone) and moms are too tired after a long day at the office to focus on the things that most likely matter way more to her than her 9 to 5 job (such as her home and family).

Honestly, today's society has come to appreciate technology a little too much.  In a lifestyle, such as today's world, that needs and expects everything to be done (at least almost) immediately people are working long past their scheduled hours at the office, they are on their smartphones way too much, and social media is becoming more of what many are connecting with...they connect with the internet and the expectations of today's life more than they're able to connect with their family.  I don't want to be that person!

If I'm being honest, and I am, there have been times that I have spent a little too much time online, browsing the web or even blogging about my life instead of living it.  I have always (as I think we all do) want to manage my time wisely.  TIME IS PRECIOUS!  I'm not saying that the internet is completely bad or even that blogging is horrible, I love being able to journal life (my main reason for my blog), it's great to look back at posts and pictures of things I've did and we've did as a's a great way to remember!  I must remember though, and this is what I strive for, to actually LIVE those moments!  If I spend too much time on my phone or on the computer, and don't take the time to put them down and live in the moment then I will just be there, and while my family appreciates that, it's important for me to share in life and live that moment with them!  Like it or not, my kids are growing up (way too fast), I'm not getting any younger, and I refuse to let life pass me by while I'm busy looking at a screen.  Sure, I may still use my phone and/or my computer, but I have to be intentional with my time.  I have to use my time wisely, it is a precious gift, and it's not meant to be lived on a screen, but life is meant to be lived with those who matter the most to us, the Lord and our family and friends!  If we don't spend our time wisely then we won't have those memories that we will cherish tomorrow.  We need to live with the Lord's purpose in mind and live life with a purpose, not just on a screen.  So yes, how I live today, WILL matter to me tomorrow!


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