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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Not Letting Life Pass Me By

 There is a song that asks Jesus not to pass someone by, basically, for Jesus to always be with that person. The way I see it, the Lord is always with us, every waking morning He has not passed us by, He has chosen to wake us up and give us life. God is as involved in our lives as we will let Him be! 

 The sad thing is with today's technology and fast paced world, sometimes life still passes us by. We choose to look at a computer or cellphone screen rather than those who are in our family or in our presence in the here and now. Technology can sometimes be such a blessing, but sometimes it can be such a distraction from the more important things too.

Since when did a text message or any other non productive thing become more important than our families?  I think it all comes down to time management.  I think there is a time for everything.  While that text message and that e-mail can sometimes wait, time does not stand still for our children, they are growing up way too fast.  I want to live as full of a life as I can with my family (and sometimes that means without an electronic in my hand).  I also want to teach my kids the importance of doing this too, so that one day they can show their kids just how important their time is to them as well.  It's also important I show them the importance of life without an electronic in their hand every single minute for the here and now as well, because this means they are building meaningful friendships and living even more productive lives that way as well (which means maybe even more memories will be made).  While electronics may not be all bad, if we spend every waking hour on them then they have become bad real quick.  We have to manage our time wisely and not let life pass us by.  We need to not take life for granted, and not let it pass us by, and sometimes put the cellphones and other electronic gadgets down and replace them with time with our family and friends.


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