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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Small Things

Our conversation went something like this on our way to school this morning.

Me: That sun sure is bright, I can barely see.

Bre: Yeah, I know.

Me: Listen at us.  A week or so ago we were complaining over it being too cold and snowing, now we are complaining because the sun is too bright.

Bre: Yeah, that's just the way people are, we complain.

This is so true!  She is barely a teenager, yet my daughter is so-very-right!  A lot of people complain over the smallest things.  I loved seeing the sunshine, I just found it to be too bright while driving.  Then a week or so ago, the snow sure was pretty, but it was so cold and I was ready for the sunshine.  Honestly, I am ready for warmer temperatures, but this conversation sure did bring some things into perspective for today.

How often do we overlook the smallest things or take the smallest things for granted?  Today is a great example of that!  I have been waiting on warmer weather for quite awhile now, but now that it's almost nice, comfortable temperatures, I complained about how the sun was too bright while I was driving.  How many people would love to just enjoy the sunshine?  Honestly, I should've not complained at all, I should have just put on my sunglasses, and been thankful warmer temperatures were on the way and for my health to be able to get out and enjoy the warmer temperatures.  I should've been thankful for a new day.  After all, I am alive, able to enjoy the day filled with family and happiness, the sound of my kids, and the love of my husband.  That bright sunshine means warmer days, and sometimes it's the smallest things that we take for granted, but I certainly am thankful Spring is finally here!

Sometimes the things that are easily overlooked are the things that we should be most grateful for and are sometimes the things worth remembering the, friends, health, etc.  It's not the big extravagant things that matter, it's the small, meaningful things that count...the memories made (maybe that's why I love photography so much), the people we are able to share our lives with, and most of all, the Lord we are able to serve (which makes this life the best it could be)!


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