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Monday, April 14, 2014

So Much More Than a Skateboard!


We were out shopping with my Mom a few years ago. Troy discovered he wanted a skateboard. My Mom decided she wanted to buy both of our kids a skateboard, and she did.

Since that day Troy has discovered he loves skateboarding. Breann seems to enjoy it, but Troy REALLY enjoys it. We have a skate park near our house. The kids ask to go there often. Troy has practiced and practiced some more. He does really good at this passtime that he enjoys so much.

A few weekends or so ago, my brother, his wife, and their son came to visit. We went to the skate park. Troy was going up and down the ramps with what seemed like such ease. I thought of trying it myself, but without practice I'm not able to even keep my balance on the skateboard.

While I already knew that the skateboard was a passtime Troy enjoyed, I realized how much of a skill he's developed with those ramps. The skateboard he has now is actually his second skateboard, as my brother got him one for Christmas (it was on Troy's wish list). This skateboard is not just another passtime, it's something Troy enjoys, something he has learned to do, and another childhood memory for him!

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