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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Standing on HIS Truth!

Bre reading her Bible . 

I won't mention any names, but apparently an adult had a debate with my daughter on whether Jesus is real. Breann stood her ground for what she believes and backed it up with scripture. That's how we all need to be, unashamed, kind, and honest because everyone needs the truth.

This came from a 13 year old girl to a grown man that Breann has to see often throughout the week and this happened in front of many people. He tried to even ask Bre how she knew that Jesus existed and asked her if she saw him carry the cross. She said "no, but I know He's real." She then was able to back up what she said with scripture.

My point in this is not to gossip so I'm not mentioning who this man was, but my point is how a young girl was bold enough to take a stand for the truth against what an adult said. My point is we all should do this! And last but not least, my point is youth ministry does work. If you ever have those days you wonder whether or not it does any good then know that it does. Bre asks me almost every Sunday if it's a day for youth. Youth ministry does matter and because of what my kids are learning at home and at church they can take a stand for the truth. I'm grateful they do!


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