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Sunday, May 25, 2014



Memorial Day Weekend, 2014.  Fishing with family (me, Justin, the kids, my brother, Melissa, and Devin).

Devin caught his first fish by himself and Breann got the "Catch of the Day," a bass!

My thoughts for today...Today has included church, family, fishing, cooking out, a good book, and photography.  Our kinda' day! 

Today was the first time my brother and I visited our dad's grave together since he passed away nearly 3 years ago. We visit and decorate the grave regularly but my brother and I had never visited together since dad died. Justin and I decorated my grandparents' graves for years before dad passed away, and it still...nearly 3 years later...doesn't seem like I should put my dad's grave on the list of graves to decorate, it seems I should still be able to sit and talk with him instead of get on my knees and help my husband fill a vase with flowers.

Life on earth is short and it can either be sweet or it can be as bitter as you want to make it. Treasure every single moment you have, treasure family and friends and make good memories!  As our family was fishing with my brother and his family today, we still had that, we had memories!  We had conversations about dad's fishing trips and we also shared stories of my grandfather (who was in World War II) and uncle (who was in Vietnam).  Bre was very interested in learning our family's history and the kids even visited the graves of their great great grandparents. Death is sometimes sad, but it's also a reminder of the lives that have been. It's inevitable, death will come to each of us, unless the Lord returns before our time...this earthly life is only temporary, but that's why we need to treasure what's important in the here and now and keep our eyes on eternity (where we can have the opportunity to live with Jesus and our loved ones forevermore).

Just some of my thoughts this evening!


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