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Monday, June 2, 2014

As She Grows


The other day I was off from work and decided to pick the kids up from school when school dismissed.  I've been picking the kids up from school for most of the years they've been in school.  Something I've always tried to make it a point to do as I picked them up is first of all asked them how their day was and then I'll make sure they have their homework and whatever else they may need to take home with them.

As I picked my daughter up from school the other day though, I found that my mind began to think back.  This is her last year of elementary school, and she and her friends gathered around me at the spot where I pick my kids up.  My daughter's friends were saying how she looked like me and we all were laughing and talking.  As we laughed and talked I noticed how much she has grown up though.  Yes, she's just recently started her teenage years, but compared to her other elementary school years I see the difference.

As we walk past the buses to our vehicle, I silently think of how as she tells me about her day, I no longer am looking down to see into her little eyes, but I look right next to me...right across from me, as she is as tall as I am.  She then stops and still does something she has did for most of her childhood, she picks me a flower.  I hope she never grows out of that, the simple things are sometimes the best!  This flower that can grow just about anywhere, I guess, it is better than even a store bought dozen of roses.  My daughter stopped long enough, while in the process of telling me about her day, to pick a flower to give to me, that is something that she has not outgrown, and I hope she never does!  She's this beautiful girl with a kind heart, and she is now as tall as I am, and she is the best daughter I could ask for!

As we got in the vehicle, the teenager in her came back out though, and insisted that she, her brother, and I take a selfie photo.  These are the days worth remembering!


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