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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dear Mom


I've had it on my mind to type/write something for the past few evenings. I've wrote and rewrote and deleted the words I've written. My hopes are you'll be able to read this in a few weeks, but if the Lord has other plans then I'm fine with everyone else knowing what's in my heart and in my head at this very moment, so I've decided to share this. One of the reasons I blog/journal is to remember life and it's special moments, and every moment that has included you has been special. We've had some tough times and some good times, but every single moment with you is special!

The photo above, of the bracelet, that's what Bubby and I have wore for the last week. We're considered your "Care Partners." Our spouses and the kids have also been supportive along this journey we've taken. Many people have called about you, visited us, and been so supportive.

My mind drifts back to last week when you were first admitted. You touched my face, and while I couldn't really understand you at first for the tube from the ventilator, I knew you were trying to tell me something. You told me I'm your baby. That's something you and Dad always have told me, no matter my age. It really made me think though! My mother, who was very sick, was still being a Mom. I'll always and forever remember that.

Over the days, the doctors are saying things are staying the same. They actually want to meet with us on Friday. I, of course, am wanting to be worried and scared, but I think of what Dad told me so many times, and what I've reminded you, it does no good to worry, instead we must pray. I'm used to talking on the phone with you every morning. Instead, I've been visiting you every morning. You are asleep most of the time, but today I layed my head on your shoulder, and you opened your eyes. Even though you wasn't able to talk back because of the ventilator, I still was able to talk to you. I was able to tell you what a treasure you are to me, how I love our morning conversations, and I was able to thank you for being my Mom. As I sit by your bed, I think of all of the times you've taken care of me when I was sick, making me soup, laying wet washcloths on my head when I had fevers, and doing whatever was necessary. It's just another thing I need to thank you for, this proves your worth!

Yes, Mom, I hope you pull through this just fine, I am going to trust in the Lord. He can see what we can not. God knows far better than I do what is best for you. You, my great mother, deserve the best!

Here are just some photos from this journey:


The kids standing in the parking garage at the hospital.

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