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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Our Family's First Camping Trip


It's been so much more than a camping trip, it's been an adventure. Our first trip camping has been about more than the new camper we've got, it's been about our time together making memories that will last a lifetime! This week, we've been camping in Wytheville, VA. and Blountville, TN.  It's been about the smiles, the laughs, the days of swimming and fishing, the Smores made, the food ate, the prayers and conversation around our dinner table (and sometimes the prayers and conversation around the picnic table outside), and it's been about our time together as a family. 

We've seen and did many things this week. The Lord has allowed us to see neat creatures (such as deer, rabbits, and ducks) and He's had us to meet many families (including an elderly couple from Florida who gave our kids popcorn and Breann's kitten a toy, a family from West Virginia, a family from New York, and even a family from Norway). Speaking of God's creatures, the family from Norway had two little girls who never saw fire flies until now. Our kids helped them catch fire flies. They also found a frog in the swimming pool. Fun and memories certainly is what this week has been about!






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