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Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Birthday, Breann!


Fourteen years ago today, God gave me one of the greatest gifts He has ever blessed me with. It was fourteen years ago today that this world became blessed by a very special person.  This person shows love and care to others, and she is smart, funny, cherishes life, and most importantly she knows who the Lord is. On this day, fourteen years ago, I became blessed to be able to call this very special person my daughter.

While the Lord is first in my life, everyone who knows me well enough knows that what I consider to be one of God's greatest gifts to me is my family. I treasure time with my husband and to be called Mom by our children is a great thing.  My family is definitely one of God's greatest gifts to me.

It's no secret that Justin and I got married when we were really young. While a lot of people have asked if we regret it, our answer has stayed the same, we always have honestly said that we don't regret it, and we'd make the same choice again, if we had the opportunity to live life over. Justin and I also became parents early in life, in fact, we were still teenagers when we had our oldest. It's really something to think that we now have a fourteen year old!

While parents teach their children so many things, and we certainly hope we have done so with our kids (and will continue to do so), our kids have taught us so much as well. Breann was the first baby we had, and she taught us so much more than how to feed a baby, how to change a baby's diaper, and how to get a baby to go to sleep. She also taught us what it felt like to be first time parents, how to run and play with a toddler, and how to snuggle and read a bedtime story at night. While each of our kids have a special place in our hearts and in this world, Breann also has her special place. We believe God has great things planned for each of our kids, and we're so happy to be their parents.

We are so blessed that the Lord chose us to be your parents, Bre. Now, instead of learning to chase after and play with a toddler, I'm learning how to be a Mom of a teenager. I feel like every minute that I'm blessed to spend with you is a gift. I love being your Mom. Happy Birthday my sweet daughter!


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