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Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Visit from a Friend


One day, as my daughter gets older, I can only hope that she has at least one friend from the high school years that she has now that will be like the friend that I was blessed enough to receive a visit from today.  If my daughter is blessed enough to keep in contact with that one friend that is a part of her everyday life right now (through having the same high school classes, liking the same music, and the list goes on), but she may not be able to see her as often when they become all grown up (you know, the time in life when they will be shuffling between mommyhood, worklife, and/or whatever else life holds for them)...if they are still then able to keep in contact, she will be able to consider herself truly blessed with a true friend.  It's my hopes that both of my kids have at least one friend such as this!

I've known Sharonda since we were kids.  Believe it or not, we've been best friends since we were kids.  Instead of us talking about our high school years to each other, we have been a part of each other's high school years.  She was there when I first laid eyes on the man who is now my husband, and I don't have to tell her what Justin and I wore to our high school prom, because she was a part of that too.  When Sharonda and I look back at pictures of the other's school days, for the most part, we both can remember whatever story the picture is telling, because we were best friends and we were there.  Sharonda was even there when I was in the hospital from having Bre.

Life gets busy, and we don't see each other as often now as what we used to, but how blessed we really are to still even keep in contact after so many years since we graduated!  I was so happy when Sharonda and her daughter Abby came to visit today.  It is so hard to believe that we were able to now take a photo of our own teenage daughters now.  Life sure does speed by doesn't it?!?
And years later (fourteen years to be exact), here are our teenage daughters in a picture together.  I'm so blessed to have a friend such as this!


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