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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Our Day Before Thanksgiving

Today, it snowed, and we started getting ready for Thanksgiving.  Memories of my parents are on my mind, and I already miss them this Thanksgiving Eve so very much.  Memories of Thanksgivings past are definitely on my mind.  Memories that will be made tomorrow are also something that I look forward to.


The kids' smiles this morning about the snow that was laying on the ground made my heart happy. The simple things are definitely sometimes the best things. Things like snow on the ground could very well be some of God's greatest gifts to bring smiles to my children's faces, and their smiles bring a smile to my face! This is the best!


As we continued with the day...Bre and I read library books and Troy played video games.


Justin worked, Bre and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few last minute things for dinner tomorrow, and I started making some of the food preparations for tomorrow.



I wrote a good Bible verse that "fits" for the holiday on the dry erase board on our fridge, and we all four ate dinner together as a family this Thanksgiving Eve (we had hot dogs).


It's been a good day!


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