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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Coffee Time...


I've been doing some photography assignments/challenges, to help me with my photography even more, and because I love photography.  Today's challenge was a "selfie."  I was not really comfortable with just taking a photo of myself, I don't know why...perhaps it's because I am more used to being behind the camera instead of in front of it.  I do realize though that this blog, this journal, it is for my family to remember as much of our lives as possible, and sometimes a photo of me may be necessary, so that would require me getting in front of the camera.  

I decided to do a somewhat selfie, I guess, but this photo still tells quite a bit about who I am.  In this photo you can see my coffee cup;  I am a coffee drinking girl!  You can see my wedding band, my husband is my heart...he's my best friend...he's all of that and more!  You can also barely see my short hair...(long enough to style, but not too long to be aggravating to me).  You can see a little of my dimple.  Although Bre don't have dimples, our son does.  They both have the bluest, and prettiest of eyes ever as well (something that I don't eyes).

Something that I would like a picture to show is my strong faith in the Lord.  I love Jesus a lot.  I'm very strong in my faith.

Just a few things about me, with this selfie.  Mostly because these are things I'd like to write (or type) for our kids and family to remember years and years from now.


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