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Monday, January 12, 2015



My photography assignment today is the letter "J," so I thought I'd write (or type, rather) about my month, my year, so far. January. It's been a great year (or a great month...whichever way you want to look at it, I guess), with a challenge or two, some good times and some bad. I feel so blessed! God is SO good!

It is my goal to always have a close relationship with the Lord, and to do so I realize I must spend time with Him (and I want to!), through things like prayer, church, reading my Bible, etc. I've tried to make it a point to talk to God daily. I realize that sometimes I've failed to even speak to Him even once during my day, and I don't like that! I want to, and I need to talk to the Lord. He and I have some of the best conversations, if I just take the time to listen or see His response. Now, I try to make it a point to talk to the Lord every single the mornings when I wake up and at night before I go to sleep. I want to start my day with the Lord being my guide, and end the day by thanking Him for all that He has blessed me with.

I've also started a Bible Study Reading Plan. It's awesome stuff. Just being able to read God's Word each day is great. I try my very best to read every single morning.

Something else I'm trying to do is find myself in church every Sunday that I possibly can. I want to worship God the way that I should, and the way that He deserves for me to. That is something else that I have made my be in church as much as I can...every single Sunday possible.

It's also my goal to keep dabbling in photography. This is a great hobby of mine, to capture the life before my eyes...capture the moment(s) in a photograph, and I am enjoying a photography challenge I have started taking a part of, where it assigns me something to take a photo of each day, like today is the letter "J."

This month has held some challenges. My husband was told he has Diverticulitis. It wasn't something we really expected, and other than having to slightly change his diet, we have progressed okay with this. All is still good in our household!

My brother has also landed in the hospital this month. He, too, has Diverticulitis. My brother had surgery from his; he actually has had two surgeries since September, because of his battle with Diverticulitis. He's in the hospital as I type this, due to infection from his most recent surgery. My brother has been so strong. His most recent struggle has been a high fever due to the infection, but the hospital is taking care of him, and hopefully he will get to go home in a few days. I have full faith in the Lord for His hand to touch this situation...He can take care of this better than anyone!

January has also been filled with reading books (I love reading, it's a great passtime for me, after all)! It's been filled with back to school for the kids, after their Christmas break. Busy days of work. Family time together. Time spent with friends. January has definitely shown some challenges, but already it has shown so many blessings as well. 2015 is off to a great start!


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