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Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015



The weather has been cold, but there has been great memories made. I started a Photography Assignment/Challenge that helps to motivate me to take at least one photo a day. It gives me a theme each day of what I should take a photo of. It helps me to practice my photography, and it also helps me in documenting this adventure we call life!

I don't just limit my photos to this photography assignment/challenge, but it does help me to really practice my photography and capture a little bit of life in a photograph or two (and sometimes more than a few photos).  In this month's photos you can see a few different moments of life inside of these photos.

Day 1: shows how I want to really focus on my faith this (and every) year.

Day 2: shows our New Year's breakfast (cinnamon rolls).

Day 3: something I wore...a ring that is special to me (our family ring).

Day 4: something red (the placemat, and I took this photo while reading my Bible).

Day 5: breakfast (usually my breakfast is just what this

Day 6: calm, (this is a photo of my sign that reads faith helps to keep me calm).

Day 7: this came from my fortune cookie when we ate Chinese food.  

Day 8: this was a day with the theme of "Simple," and I thought photographing a "simple" act of kindness would be great.  We went to Mcdonalds, and they had made an extra Frappe, and they gave it to my husband and I.

Day 9: an apple (the theme for this day was circle).

Day 10: my lunch at some point during the week...nice, warm soup.

Day 11: some of my favorite faith, reading, and coffee!

Day 12: starts with the letter j...January.

Day 13: three...since I needed to photograph something with three, I took a photo of three of my daughter's colored pencils.

Day 14: kindness...this is a plate in our kitchen.

Day 15: helps me to plan out my days each week.

Day 16: are appreciated in the Winter, but I am a flip-flop kind of girl!

Day 17: leading lines...another photo of my daughter's pencils.

Day 18: relax...something that we love to do on the weekend!


Day 19: in my's usually coffee!

Day 20: light.

Day 21: looking down...this is a marble from our  new property.  The property used to have a very old school house on it, so we're thinking that one of the students played with this marble as a toy.

Day 22: weather...I love sunshine, and the coffee is nice when it is cool outside!

Day 23: frame...this is a frame from the old schoolhouse that I mentioned in regards to the photography assignment/challenge on day 21.

Day 24: a selfie.

Day 25: sweet tooth.

Day 26: what inspires me...God and God's Word!

Day 27: my workspace...I was working on our church's website, and our Shih Tzu, Maisy, decided to keep me company!

Day 28: number...this is Daily Bible Verses from our church's calendar.

Day 29: a daughter gave this to me when she was in around the second grade...she is in the 8th grade now, and it still hangs on our fridge.

Day 30: something I made...having chips, spinach dip, and a movie at home with my husband is sometimes better than going out anywhere, so this is what we did one evening, we had chips, made spinach dip, and watched movies!

Day 31: a good Saturday definitely includes a good book! 


This is just some of the moments in my life, this January 2015, that I'm so happy that I was able to capture in a photo, so that I can look at them again and again for many, many years!


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