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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Thanksgiving Weekend...

Thanksgiving weekend was blessed! We had family, food, and a good time. We also had a new visitor to show up at our house a few days prior to Thanksgiving
 (a Basset Hound), who is handicapped and had gotten lost but we found his owners who was actually looking for him a new home, so we decided to call him Chance (as he showed up by chance) and allow him to stay around here for awhile.

The day before Thanksgiving, the kids and I got some of the food ready for the next day's big dinner. Then we got up on Thanksgiving day and watched the parade and prepared dinner. Once my parents and my brother and his wife and kids arrived we enjoyed good food and company.

As for the day after Thanksgiving...which was Friday (no, I didn't hit the sales), I went and volunteered my time at a wedding and took some photos.

Then...on Saturday, Justin, me and the kids went to Gatlinburg with some friends. We went to the Bass Pro Shops (where the kids got to see Santa), to the Dixie Stampede and watched a SUPER Christmas show, and then went a saw a few lights and came home.

Overall, it was an A-Okay weekend!

And a couple of photos of us in Gatlinburg...




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