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Monday, September 24, 2012

Memory Lane...

Dads WorkshopMy Mom moved recently, it was the best decision for her, at this point in her life.  Still yet, with spending over 30 years at a house that she and my dad had someone (a close friend, who also has now passed away) to build for them, I am sure there were many memories that she built there with my dad and also with my brother and I...we all built so many memories at the place we once called home.

Although it has been over a year now, it is very hard to believe that my Dad is no longer with us on this Earth.  It helps me to find peace in the hope that I will see him one day in Heaven.  Until then, we have memories!

Justin and I went to pick up a few of the things that were left for us at my only childhood home.  The house was empty, nobody there, it felt very Mom at her new place of residence with my Dad no longer with us.  Usually when we visited Mom and Dad at this place, Mom was at the door holding it open for us, meeting us at the door with a hug and a kiss, and Dad was always telling us not to wait so long before we visited again and he always was giving the kids some kind of ice cream or something out of his candy dish.  I will always be grateful that Justin and I had time to just be there alone and reflect on memories, this past Friday (after all, he has also been a part of mine and my family's life for nearly half of my life, so the house was dear to my husband too).

Justin's Mom kept the kids for the weekend, and after we dropped them off with her, we made the drive up to my childhood home.  I loved sitting on Friday and going through some of the pictures and my yearbooks.  I liked walking through my Dad's workshop...trying to recall the sound of his tools and how the heat felt on my upstairs bedroom floor, a hardwood floor, when he had a fire built in the stove that was below my bedroom.  I enjoyed looking at the patterns my Dad used to trace of the woodwork projects he wanted to do at one point or another...just seeing his handwriting on the labels on his jars (that held things like nails and screws, the little things) and seeing the patterns he traced, it made me feel a part of him still lives here with us on this Earth, through the stuff he made, the influence he had in our lives, the kind of person he was, and through the memories.

Memories of Dad Justin was about to turn off the lights, downstairs, in my Dad's workshop, I had him to wait just a moment longer, so I could get a photo or two of his workshop...may it always live in my memory, as anyone who knew my Dad would know he loved his woodwork and I love the memories he has helped me to have of him with the things he made!

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