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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Updates N Such...

There has been so much to happen since my last post around the time of Breann's birthday. Geesh...that was back in October.

In order...hmmm...let's see...

October 31, 2008...consisted of Halloween parties at the kids schools and trick-or-treating. Breann was a vampire and Troy was The Hulk. Maisy even had cute little bows in her hair.




The Halloween pics. are up for viewing in the Members Area!

Then on the 2nd of November a day came that was one of the hardest days of my life. My mom has had emphysema for years and she had a huge attack from her breathing...her lungs collapsed and by the 3rd of November she was placed on a ventilator for nine days. Me, Justin, the kids, my brother and his wife and kids, and my dad spent most of every moment at the hospital and even slept there on couches and in recliners most nights. My aunt from Richmond even came in and was a great support to me...she made it a point to always make sure we were not alone in what we were going through. But...many prayers went up for my mom and now she is walking around just fine.


Then on December 6th, Justin and I went to his company's Christmas party. We met the owner of his company along with his wife. The party was at a nice hotel and the company even paid for us to stay overnight at the hotel. Very nice!

This photo is also made viewable in the Members Area!

On Dec. 19th we went to the kids Christmas parties at school.

Troy with Santa...


More photos of Troy's Christmas party are in the Members Area!

Then it was Christmas time and we spent Christmas Eve at my husband's Mom's house. It was nice to spend the day (as well as the evening) there. We had dinner and the kids opened gifts. Breann even got to help her Nanny make blackberry cobbler.



On Christmas day we went to my parents, my brothers, and my husband's dads and opened gifts and had dinner.

A few pics. from that day...

Christmas 2008


More photos of Christmas are in the Members Area!

And...that about brings us up-to-date thusfar.

Justin and I have been together eleven years today and it has been a wonderful eleven years. I am very blessed to have him in my life.


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