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Friday, January 23, 2009

Stuff My Son Will Say!!!


We have one of those themed decorative lotion dispensers to go with the decorative theme of our bathroom. This son asked me why there was no lotion in our lotion dispenser in the bathroom...I then turned around and told him I just hadn't put any lotion in the dispenser...and asked him how he knew that there was no lotion and continued to ask if he had tried to play with the dispenser and find out if anything would come out of it and he truthfully answered YES! LOL I guess his goal was just to make a huge mess of whatever the container may of held inside (lucky for me and his dad there was nothing in the container).

Well anyhow...while I was putting on my make-up both of my kids were standing talking to me and then it was time to put on the eyeliner...

Troy: Mommy, why do you draw on your eyes?

Me: (Laughing, of course, because although make-up can sometimes make some of us look better it is kinda' silly when you think of it...we tell our kids not to draw on themselves and then we do reply) Well...this is eyeliner, I use it to line my eyes.

Troy: is a pencil.

Breann: Yeah, and she has a sharpener for that thing and everything.

Me: Yes, but it is especially made for the eyes. Nobody should ever try this with a regular could really hurt the eye. And nobody should ever stick anything in their eyes that is not made for the eye...(I wear contacts).

Breann: Maybe I will try it...(talking about the whole eyeliner thing).

Me: But not with a regular pencil and besides you aren't wearing make-up yet.

Breann: I know!

Troy: Well...sissy will do it when she grows up!


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