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Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Myrtle Beach Vacation Planner...

Yep, that is right...we have our suite booked, the date is set (of course, or we wouldn't have the suite booked), and we are anxiously awaiting the date for rest and relaxation.

Plans thusfar...

The EVENING of March 20th...Justin finishes up his last bit of work for the next 9-10 days and he will officially be on vacation! Woohoo!

Linda (Justin's Mom) will be coming over and getting the kids so that my husband and I can spend some time together.

March 20th-22nd...Justin and I just enjoy our time and maybe rent a few movies and such.

March 22nd...The kids return!

March 23rd-25th (which just happens to be mine and my husband's 9th Anniversary...and I can honestly say it has been 9 HAPPY years)...More rest and relaxation and not really got anything in particular planned...just kinda' going with the flow of things...EXCEPT for... maybe...

On the 24th we will begin to pack for vacation!
On the 25th we will do what grocery shopping we need to get done with non-perishable items to take with us on vacation.

March 26th (7AM promptly LOL)...Leave out for Myrtle Beach and we will get there mid afternoon so we will have the rest of the day to do whatever and to also grocery shop as we have a kitchenette in the suite that we do plan to use some!

March 27th-Still at Myrtle Beach and not sure as to what we will do yet...will have to update this as we make the plans...

March 28th-Still at Myrtle Beach and not sure as to what we will do yet...will have to update this as we make the plans...

March 29th-Spend a few hours at Myrtle Beach and then head back home and hope to be back home no later than 9PM!

March 30th-Back to everyday routines!

Items To Get For Vacation

Beach towels (for all 4 of us)

Maybe some flip flops (for all 4 of us)

Sun screen (sure, it will PROBABLY be only in the 70's but one can never be too safe, right...and yeah I know we may not be able to play in the ocean, but we can play in the sand and there is an indoor pool, jacuzzi, and sauna...oh and the lazy river)

Need to check and see if Troy's swimming trunks still fit him and if not we need to get more

Need to check and see if Breann's bathing suit still fits her (which I am thinking it will, but if not we will need to get her another one)

Any groceries that are not perishable that we want to go ahead and get (the day before the trip)

Things To Pack


Bathing suits/flip flops/etc.

Bath towels

Groceries (non-perishable of course...we will do the grocery shopping for refrigerated items once we get there)



Curling iron and straightener and gels and hair spray


Clothes...those can come in useful

Kids floats


Portable DVD player


Kids Nintendo DSs

Hmmm...anything else? and relaxation is calling my name! And...if anyone has been to Myrtle Beach, we are staying 3 miles from Broadyway at the Beach...feel free to include your input on where you think we should visit/what we should do while we are is our first time and we, of course, are excited!


  1. Yay! I love Myrtle Beach! There is soooo much to do there! I can tell you are so excited with your lists and all. Have fun and Congrats on 9 happy years!

  2. That sounds fabulous! I hope you have a fantastic time and congrats on 9 years.


  3. Oh girl!! too much excitement and fun!!! Makes me think i need to go plan a vacation for me and my hubby!! we're going on 15 yrs. this summer....i think we're due!

  4. Have fun, we are going in July I think. Can't wait. Thanks for visiting my blog. Looking forward to getting to know you. I so need a vacation... Enjoy Broadway on The Beach,love it..

  5. Hi Jessica and thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I bet y'all are going to have a blast at Myrtle Beach!!! Sounds like it will be too much fun!