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Monday, March 30, 2009

Myrtle Beach March 2009 Cell Phone Moments...

You know those moments where you don't feel like carrying a just want to walk around and be a Wife and Mom and see life through your own eyes and not just through the camera...well that is when I pulled out my cell phone...when I thought I might just need a picture of these moments!

There are A LOT of pictures that I took with the regular camera, but among the ones that were used for the cell phone are the kids doing the trampoline bungee jumping, Justin and the kids at the remote controlled boats, and a pic. of the kids at the hotel. is the one of them at the hotel!



  1. I bet it has been a FABULOUS vacation!

  2. So cute! I always seem to catch the best moments on my phone. I then wish I had my camera because my phone takes such horrid pictures!

  3. I would die without my camera. I'm glad you all had fun it makes you sad to leave but happy to be home.
    Katie <><