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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Myrtle Beach Vacation 2009, Take 2!

Well, we have been having a super time on our vacation and today was just as busy as yesterday.
Here are some of the memories that we made today!

The kids, of course, has been in the pool every single day and are LOVING it! They are also loving vacation so much that Troy even asked if we could go home the day after tomorrow, which, of course, is not possible, but it is great that they are having a good time! Our hotel's staff has been super nice and the guy at the desk even gave the kids sand cool is that?!? consisted of Broadway at the Beach and also going to Captain George's (a seafood buffet restaurant).

Broadway at the Beach...

Where Troy got to BUILD his VERY OWN car with the option of it being remote controlled (which he wanted). He built himself a monster truck!

Then...Breann built her own bear...well dog and named it Cup Cake and on it's birth certificate thingy she noted that she built it at Myrtle Beach!

Then at night we went for a stroll on the beach and also went to Broadyway at the Beach once again and got some beautiful pictures at Broadway at the Beach!

And one pic. for here!


Needless, to say it has been a WONDERFUL vacation, but we are ready to return home. Up and early in the morning, we are going to be doing just that!

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  1. It sounds like yall are having such a wonderful time! I am so jealous!