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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Mothers Day Goodies...

Well, Troy kept asking me where I put his backpack so he could get something out of it on Mothers Day weekend...I tried explaining to him that I already had gotten everything out of his backpack.
TROY: Well, did you get a red paper out of it?
ME: No, why?
TROY: Well, there should have been a red paper in there because I made something for you for Mothers Day.
ME: No, Son, I am sure there wasn't any red paper in there. Maybe you forgot it at school.
TROY: Maybe.
Well, on Mothers Day he did give me something that was made with red paper so I thought that it was what he was talking about.
Although the Monday after Mothers Day...he came home with what he was actually talking about (the things he left at school and brought home on Monday). So I actually felt like I had two Mothers Days. =-)
See below...the images are made clickable so that they can be enlarged for viewing.
Mothers Day Project from Troy 2009 Mothers Day Project from Troy 2009 Mothers Day Project from Troy 2009 Mothers Day Project from Troy 2009


  1. i love the special treasures that teachers help our kids create! and anything with handprints- oh my!

  2. Mother's Day rocks, doesn't it?!!

    I had the best time just being with my boys outside this year.

    It's those times I will remember when I am old and those boys are "all grown up!"

    .mac :)