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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Troy's Kindergarten Graduation Photos...

As most people who really know me know, I LOVE taking pictures (especially of my family and kids)! So...I was thrilled when Troy's Kindergarten teacher asked me to take the cap and gown photos of his class. Since it consisted of helping twenty-three students getting their cap and gowns on and then taking each of them (one or two at a time) outside and taking three different poses of took me about three hours for this fun adventure. I mainly was honored however to be able to play such a huge role in my son's Kindergarten graduation. These are photos that parents can treasure for years to come and I am honored to say I was a part of this!

Troy said the day after I took the photos, his teacher displayed them on a board in their room so that they could see their photos.

It is hard to believe, that it has been right at a year ago that he graduated Pre-K and now...he is graduating Kindergarten, and it will seem like no time until he will be graduating from high school. Again, what an honor for me...and a memory for both, my son and I!


Oh...and I thought here would be an appropriate spot for me to post some of his big school memories while in Pre-K and Kindergarten!

Justin and I are so proud of our kids. And...Troy, we are so very proud of what you have already done, what you still have yet to do, and the person you are now as well as the person you are becoming!


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