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Friday, August 21, 2009

Our Charlottesville Journey...

My Mom has been sick for some time and now is trying to go through various evaluations to become a candidate for a lung transplant. Through this difficult time we are very hopeful and have much faith in God that He will do what is best and if it is His will she will get the transplant. At this point only 25% of her lungs are working, but other than that she seems to be a healthy woman and we have faith in God to supply her with what she needs!

The evaluations take place in Charlottesville and her first one was on the 13th. My husband and I took her to this evaluation.

While we were there my Mom got to visit with her sister who hadn't seen my Mom since she was on a ventilator in November...this time...their visit was a nice time for both of them as my Mom was and still is doing much better than she was then.

My husband and I also visited Jefferson's Rotunda

rotunda husband even had to take a photo of this sightseer at the place...he (or she) was in a tree.



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