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Monday, September 7, 2009

Fair 2009

We have had a blast at the county fair over the past few days...and while some photos was taken with my good camera, some were just taken when all I was carrying around was my some were taken by my cellphone camera...either way, I am glad I got to get these moments on camera!

From things as simple and fun to the kids eating ice cream...

To Justin getting the kids a balloon made from a clown there (the balloons were pretty cool...monkeys in a tree)...

troysmonkeyd breannsmonkey

To...Justin trying to climb the rock wall...

Fair 2009

To us seeing Billy Dean in concert (which I had saw him before, but it was years ago and this time around Breann and her friend Gracie got to meet him and get an autograph)...


It was SO we were turning to leave after Breann got the autograph and picture done with Billy Dean, she turned around and said "Bye"(in kinda' a squealing/excited voice), and he kinda' mimicked her and told her bye.

Troy wasn't as much into the concert thing, but he had fun playing with his friend Hunter.


We also went to a section where they keep some animals and the kids got to see a few farm animals (and even hold a baby chick...and so did I)!

And we have even seen some roping competitions a few nights.

We have been to the fair a few times the past couple of days (and plan to go at least one or two more times before it ends, as we promised the long as the weather holds up and stuff that they could ride the rides once all of them are set up)...

Needless to say...we have had lots of fun!


  1. The pictures are great and everyone looked like they had a blast!

    BTW, thanks so much for following my blog. I am following back! ;)

  2. I LOVE FAIRS!!! It looks like y'all had a really good time. Those balloons are pretty awesome. Your cellphone takes pretty good photos. There's obviously a difference between those and your camera but they are still good. My cellphone is horrible!

  3. That looks like fun! I also LOVE how your header blinks, that rocks!

  4. Found your followers- Am following!

    We love the fair, ours is in jan.

    Follow me!! :)

  5. I love fairs. But I haven't been to one in years!

  6. Fairs are such a fun, Americana thing to do!
    Thanks for stopping at my blog.

  7. It sure looks like your family had a ton of fun! Thanks for visiting my blog. It's always nice to "meet" new people.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for stopping by Susannah's Aprons. You're a busy lady with all of your blogs!

    You have a lovely family. Bless you all,

    Marilyn (e-Mom) @ Susannah's Aprons

  9. Nice blog, I'm now following you!