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Monday, December 21, 2009

HUGE Snow!

Due to so much guess is probaby around 2 feet (give or take a few inches), most of our community is without power, water, and phone.

We do have power and phone now, but our water is still not on.

Our friends came up and stayed with us for a night or so due to their power being out and them needing heat and I took this photo of our daughter and their daughter.

{Photo in Members Area}, since we have already bought around 20 gallons of water, I decided for bathroom necessities that I would melt some of the snow (by heating it in a pan on the stove) and pour it into here is what I have been doing today...

BIG snow December 2009 BIG snow December 2009

Justin is also out working a lot of hours due to having to help with restoring the power. Please just keep everyone affected by this weather system in your prayers.


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