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Friday, February 12, 2010

My Husband

After being together twelve years and married ten (as of next month) my husband never seizes to amaze me (and I am saying that without sarcasm...I am being very, very honest when I say this).  My husband is the most amazing man I know. 

For instance...the other day my husband was in a situation where he had to really rely on God in order to help someone else out.  He also was having everyone else pray while he was doing what he had to husband said once he asked everyone to pray that everyone around him just began praying and everything couldn't have went better than what it did with this situation.  My husband proves his faith in God daily and his determination and will to help another is amazing.  After all, our faith in God makes us who we are!!

Then it is not common at all to see bald eagles out and about around here.  But the other day my husband was at work and he saw this (see below) up in a tree.  He took a photo of it with the camera we never use anymore (since we bought the Canon), so I can't find the cord for the old I actually displayed the pic. on the camera screen and took a pic. of it with my cellphone...anything just to be able to show what he saw.  How amazing is it to see a bald eagle just perched up in a tree like that?!?


Ya know that is another reason why I love my husband...he appreciates nature and it doesn't have to cost a million bucks to make him happy.  He knows the true meaning of life and happiness.  But most of all, his faith in God and his devotion to serve Him makes our marriage and our family what it ought to makes everything what it ought to be. with Valentines Day on Sunday and our 10th Anniversary next month...I thought it was worth it to post about this.  Happy almost Valentines Day to my husband and my best friend!!


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  10. Several years ago, at our old home, we got to see several pairs of bald eagles mating. It was really amazing! Too bad the camera was missing :(...

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